Delicious hot Breakfast & Lunches for you to take away

You don’t have to wait until the evening to enjoy a fine cut of delicious meat. With our takeaway counter available from 7.30am ’til 4.00pm in our award-winning butcher’s shop, why not treat yourself today?

Choose from our wide menu of delicious hot baguettes, burgers and pies, all cooked freshly using our finest quality meats.

Ordering breakfast or lunch for your team? We’re happy to offer FREE delivery on orders over £60 within a 12-mile radius

Place your order with our takeaway hotline 01692 580254


Freshly baked baguettes filled with a delicious selection of slow roasted meats, sausage, egg and bacon. All are served with a selection of complimentary stuffing, sauces and onions

Breakfast Baguettes

Sausage                               3.10        3.95

Bacon                                    3.10       3.95

Sausage & Bacon              3.50        4.10

Sausage & Egg                   3.50        4.10

Bacon & Egg                       3.50        4.10

Sausage/Egg/Bacon        3.80        4.75


Hot Pastries

Small Sausage Roll                                           85p

Large Sausage Roll                                           1.70

Various selection of hot cooked pies        2.35

Norfolk Pasty                                                     1.90

Small Breakfast Turnover                              1.10

Large Breakfast Turnover                             2.35

Hot Roast Meats

All come with sausage meat, stuffing, onions, crackling and a sauce of your choice

Pork                                                                       3.10        3.95

Beef                                                                      3.10        3.95

Turkey                                                                  3.10        3.95

Gammon                                                             3.10        3.95

Mixed Meat                                                       3.50        4.10

Meat & bacon                                                    3.65        4.25

Lamb (served on certain days)                    3.60        4.50


Steak Baguettes

All come with Salad, fried onions and sauce of your choice

Plain                                                                      3.50        5.40

Piri Piri                                                                  3.60        5.50

Peppered                                                            3.60        5.50


Pie Freezer

All the pies are made inhouse, this does include pork pies. We cook and Gelatin these and sell these in our cooked meats counter

Mince Beef & Carrot

Steak and Kidney

Steak and Ale

Steak and Horseradish

Steak and Kidney Suet Puddings

Chicken and Mushroom

Chicken and Ham

Hog Roast, with Stuffing and Apple Sauce

Norfolk Pasty

Mixed Game


All come in small, medium and family size

All Small pies are from £1.99 each / Game are £2.35 each

All Medium are from £5.50 each / Game are £5.95 each

All Family ones are from £6.95 each / Game are £7.25 each


All our burgers are made on our premises with only the finest ingredients All burgers come with the choice of salad, fried onions and a sauce of your choice

 4oz Steak burger              2.95

With cheese                       3.20

With Cheese & Bacon     3.75

8oz Steak burger              4.00

With cheese                       4.20

With Cheese & Bacon     4.85

7oz chicken breast burger 5.00

With Cheese                      5.25

With cheese & Bacon     5.75

All chicken fillet cooked on the griddle are of high welfare farm reared locally sourced chicken


Cooked Meats

All our burgers are made on our premises with only the finest ingredients All burgers come with the choice of salad, fried onions and a sauce of your choice

Roast Beef / Roast Turkey / Roast Pork / Glazed Ham / Saltbeef 

Smoked Ham / Unsmoked Ham

Cooked Ham Hocks / Smoked and Unsmoked

Beef Dripping / Pork Dripping / Black Pudding / White Pudding

Scotch Eggs

Homemade Traditional Pork Pies / Small / Medium / Family Size

Homemade Onion Marmalade / Small / Medium / Family Size

Homemade Chilli Jam / Small / Medium / Family size


Plain and various flavoured Whole Cooked Chickens

These are priced to order and can be roasted daily


Free Range / Large / Extra Large 

These are all from a company called Broadland Eggs based in East Ruston

Cold Baguettes

Cheese & Salad                                 2.30                        2.95

Turkey & Salad                                  2.70                        3.50

Beef & Salad                                       2.70                        3.50

Ham & Salad                                      2.70                        3.50

Pork & Salad                                       2.70                        3.50


Roast Potatoes: Purchase 6 for only                                         0.90

Portion of chips                                                                                 1.50

Portion of onion rings: Purchase 6 for only                            1.20



Bottle of drink                   1.30

Bottle of water                  0.85

Carton of drink                  0.85

Cans of drink                      1.00